Fire Prevention Talk at Local Daycare
By Ridge Fire Company
August 10, 2023

On Thursday August 10th, 2023 3 Ridge Firefighters went to a local Daycare and did a Fire Safety Talk!

There were 12 kids and 6 older kids (adults)!!

They got the hear about things to do and not do during a fire emergency. As well as learning "Get Out & Stay Out", "Stop Drop, & Roll", and more, they got to see what a firefighter looks like wearing full turnout gear and air pack! They also were able to try on some real firefighter gear. Ridge keeps some of the out of date gear just so people can try on to see how hot and heavy it can get!
**Just a note. The full turnout gear weighs ~20-25 Lbs. By the time the air pack is on, the firefighter is wearing ~50-60 Lbs extra!!
After all that we went outside and and took a tour of Ridge's second out engine, Engine 62-2. The kids got to sit in the truck and, just before the rain got real hard, the kids and older kids (adults) got to spray a fire hose! For the older kids (adults) we use a water pressure closer to what we, as firefighters, would use!

Also mentioned is the Ridge Annual Community Day help every years 2nd Saturday of September from 1-3 PM at Ridge Fire House, 480 Ridge Rd, Spring City PA 19475.

We mentioned to the adults a video series that is very interesting. Link below.

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